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Toan & Nicky (UK)


I started my Salsa journey in 2004 while running around the country as an IT consultant. I was on a project in Manchester and went for dinner and to watch football at the Copacabana. There were too many women so the instructor quickly convinced me to help out in class and instantly made loads of friends and joined a ready made and friendly community. A further year in Manchester, Liverpool and other cities around the UK and I finally returned home to London.

I became increasingly obsessed and spent every evening in one Salsa club or another. I spent time with Salsateca and London Salsa at first with instructors like Miguel Montiero, Frank Santos, Newton Brown and Lee Wright before taking my first steps towards the performance stage with Laith Sami. Under Laith Sami, I grew in confidence and performed at various venues throughout London including Bar Rez, Bar Salsa and the Scala Bank Holiday all nighter. A further year later I sought out Irene Miguel and her Mambo Lifestyle. This was my introduction to the emerging style of Salsa in London known as NY Style (Crossbody On2), followed by further performances at Bar Salsa, Scala, the MamboCity 5* Congress, an international performance at the 2nd Turkish International Salsa Festival and finally at the Great British Salsa Experience in 2008.

After which, I returned to London-Salsa as a teacher before Founding TNT Dance with Tina Stamou and since then have been increasingly more involved in the Salsa scene:

- Teaching for UK promoters and schools including the LDA, Caramelo, Latin Collective at Scala, El Grande, CitySalsa and Salsateca.
- Managing Salseology (a 13 piece Salsa dura band)
- Organising workshops with international guest instructors
- Putting together www.LondonSalsaEvents.com


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Fun Facts
Born and bred in East London but only discovered Salsa while in Manchester on a work assignment 2004.
Self taught on the piano and slowly starting to learn the Guitar as well as a few other instruments.
Started Salsa the same time as his career in IT and currently works as a Business Intelligence consultant.


Nicola first started Salsa in 2002 with Salsa-UK and quickly fell in love with the dance. The school introduced her to Crossbody style On1 and remained with them for 2 years. After she returned to Salsa in 2009 she focused on learning as much as possible both within Salsa and expanding her vocabulary through learning other styles of dance including Brazilian Zouk and Jazz, eventually leading into teaching and travelling around the country with Rio Zouk Fusion. In Salsa she continued to push herself and went to teachers such as Angelique Sinclaire and TNT Dance to really push her dancing in building her fundamentals, musical awareness and developing her own style.

In 2012 she made the next step in joining TNT Dance as an instructor, developing her confidence as a teacher and eventually building her own class, Core Movement, from her experiences and helping her students to develop their own confidence and strength on the dance floor.
Favorite quote
Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.
- Martha Graham

Nicola was born in Bromley, Greater London, and has lived in London her whole life, her whole family still lives there.
Nicola was introduced to Salsa by her mother Sue Lambert who is still dancing Salsa today.
Nicola has danced, taught and performed in RioZouk and still frequents Zouk clubs around London.
Nicola also runs a Saturday Core Movement class with more experience dancers. This aims to provide a platform for introspection and expression.