O umělci

Sergio & Yocelin (ES)

Directly from Gran Canaria, this young dance couple is known for their energy and specialty in Bachata Sensual as well as Cuban Timba, Salsa Casino with Rumba and Afro. They have their regular classes on the island and since they officially initiated their professional course in 2012 they have participated as instructors and dancers in big events around the world Germany, Switzerland,Poland, London, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Portugal,Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, France, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington, New York,China... They also work in national range; Sensual Week Cadiz, Tumba y Tumbao Sevilla, Be Fit And Sensual Málaga, Guaguancó Festival Barcelona, Pamplona and others. They have shared stage with Korke and Judith, Daniel and Desiree, Luis and Andrea, Sergio and Ana, Jorge Camagüey, Orliandys Miñoso, Franco Rocha, and many others. They have 2 things that makes them stand out even more , they don’t have “star attitude” and they speak English, German, Swedish and Spanish fluidly and have basic level of French, Italian and Portuguese. Their warm character and casual style has been the reason we are having them with us in our next edition