1. These Terms and Conditions of Claim are governed by all purchases of tickets to the Czech National Salsa Congress October 30 - November 1 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the "Event") made through the sales website of


2. Tickets can only be purchased through the website:, in the Registration & Prices section. The payment options that can be chosen are between a bank transfer or instant payment by card. The customer is required to follow the above procedure and payment terms when purchasing tickets.

3. The prices of each ticket can be found on the website: in the Registration & Prices section. The cost of the ticket depends on the specific time period of purchase and type of tickets.

4. For the reason stated in paragraph § 1837, letter j) of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase of the ticket according to the procedure of paragraph § 1829 of the Civil Code (withdrawal within 14 days without providing a reason), as in this case it falls under the contract for the use of free time and completion (participation in the Event for which the ticket entitles) provided at a specified date or time.

5. Ticket in the form of identification wrist band will be given to owner at registration desk at registration hours based on identification number and/or indentification card or passport at the Event.

6. Ticket in the form of identification wrist band cannot be given to anyone else and serves purpose of identification of owner during event.

7. Organizer is allowed to forbid entrance to the owner if there is a loss or damage of ticket in the form of identification wrist band.


8. All claims for tickets purchased on are governed by these Terms of Business and Claim Rules.

9. Paid admission is irreversible. Entry (full-pass) is transferable to another person only under terms of section 10, 11, 12 of COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE.

10. The ticket purchased can be exchanged until October 12, 2018. If there is a price difference between ticket price at the time of transfer and time of purchase, this difference must be fully paid to the organizer's account by original ticket owner within 3 days after exchange claim. Exchange is canceled if the price difference is not fully paid to Organizer's account within 3 days.

11. Tickets can only be exchanged for the same type. This means a full-pass leader for a full-pass leader, a full-pass follower for a full-pass follower and a full-pass couple for a full-pass couple.

12. Only the ticket owner can exchange the ticket through an e-mail confirmation, in this e-mail, the ticket number, name of the new owner and his / her email must be mentioned.

13. If the Event is entirely cancelled, the customer who purchased the ticket and provided his / her contact (e-mail) will be notified that the Event is cancelled through this contact information.

14. a) If the Czech National Congress is canceled completely by the decesstion of organizer, the customer will be fully refunded free of charge.

14. b) If the Czech National Congress is canceled due to force majeure ( e.i. organizer is not allowed to run event in it's full original form due to restricions applied upon organizer and/or event), customer's ticket will be moved to the next year's edition taking place within 2 weeks from last October weekend of the upcomming year.

15. Any complaints and any queries must be delivered without any delay via e-mail to


Mgr. Marián Grocký
Registred: Nýdecká 444, Praha 18, Letňany, 199 00
Identification no.: 87586452